The Creator & Her Muse

Hey. Hi. Hello! I am Danielle Alysse Martin. I am a writer and creative. I've learned to just say "creative" because I do so much under that umbrella. 

My mother, Constance Allen-Mark, cultivated a love of reading and writing in me which ultimately led to my OBSESSION (yes, it's true; I confess) with journals and notebooks. It is only right that I honor her with my notebook and journal line.

I am the only girl of four children. I watched as my mother wrote speeches and plays and turned the simplest things into creative works. She was an educator. You should have seen the way she decorated her classroom. Teachers all over town would marvel over how imaginative she was. She wanted all of her children to be smart, intelligent, and able to articulate themselves well. This was achieved by requiring us to read and write consistently. Because I was her only girl, I believe we bonded a different way. I wanted to do any and everything I could for her approval. I was always under her, soaking up all of her greatness.

As time went on, her requirement turned into a joyful pastime for me. I am always reading something; I am also always writing something. I don't feel normal if I am not doing one or the other. I am grateful for the requirement my mother placed on me. The love I have for reading and writing made me artistic just like she was.

My mother and I had so many plans. Unfortunately she passed before we could put any of those plans in motion. Honoring her has become a reflex for me. I do it without even thinking because I owe her so much. The prayers she prayed for me are still being answered today. I said in a previous work that her love for me has transcended time. I believe that wholeheartedly. 

I get super emotional talking about her. I have come to terms often with the fact that she is not physically with me. Whoever said that time heals all wounds lied! LOL! But seriously, it doesn't. However, I have come to accept what God has allowed. 

I have taken my fascination for notebooks and journals and infused it with my love for my mother. Connie B. Fly is giving credit where it is due. It boasts beautiful graphic design (by me of course) and the original handwriting of the late great Constance Allen-Mark in this first collection. I call it "love in tangible form." 

I am a creator, and she is my muse.